Monday, September 5, 2011

The Lustrous Ripple

I don't have many words today.  So much of what transpired today was felt so deeply and experienced so acutely that I find it difficult to attach sentiment to them in a manner that would do it any justice.  Today was one of those days in which one just simply lives, hoping that its beauty and aspect are hidden deep. 

Yes, it was that beautiful.

So, I will let the counting do the work, for it is the work that really matters anyway...

...light that filters through black walnut trees, dappling all beneath with gold dust
...the beauty of the heart-shaped leaves that first emerged from a sweet potato, long discarded and forgotten in the back of the dark potato bin and that now grow profusely, given rich soil and joyful adoration
...the swelling orb that is one of our Moon and Stars watermelons and the way that its celestial print splatters across its wide expanse
...and not too far from our Milky-Way-plucked melon lies our surprise squash--the one we didn't plant, at least not on purpose.  It sprang from the compost and has thrived, better than if we had planned it to be there.  And there are a lot of fun
...the season's first asters, splitting apart from the green husks that they've been hiding in all summer.
...the reason for today's incredible beauty...strong winds from the North, ushering in change and some magic, I do believe...
...the zinnias and cosmos and salvia that line my front porch, faithfully blooming all the livelong summer and carrying our hearts over the long, thin line that leads to Autumn. 
...and did you see it?  Perched atop the shepherd's hook, to the right?  The hummingbird, resting for but a moment.  Glorious.
...the love of words, being restored yet again, by the pages of Jane Eyre.  "fount of fruition" and "borrowed beams from the lustrous ripple"...I can't take it in fast enough.
...the bed that awaits me, with blankets (yes, I said blankets!) turned down and the window lifted high, ushering in the cool of the evening, replete with chirps and night singing.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Imperfect Prose...a prayer for when there are no words

Sometimes, Lord,

there are no words adequate enough

nothing to capture the depth of my longing or the desperateness of my need

no human means to bridge the chasm between my reality and Your heart

In those moments, Lord

there are only groans, not unlike labor pains

sound pictures drawn by the Holy Spirit

spinning miracles of connection


that is where I want to dwell

all of my days

in the hammock of hope that stretches between

all that I have


all that I wait for

Words will come

as will answers

but there is no need to wait for you

for You have already come

Praise be to God.