Meet Holly

Hello, friend. I'm Holly.

This space is where I string together words as a way to stay open to the miracle of now.

For you see, in the way, way back, on a day when I wasn't looking for it, I spied it--a million little dust motes, alighted in beams of slanted sunlight, creating ribbons of fairy dust all around the room.

And, just like that, I became acutely aware that I was awash in a miracle, that life was filled with incredible mystery and magic, and that I didn't want to miss a moment of it.

So, I started writing about my days.

I've chronicled the mundane and the melancholy, the fantastical and the fun-loving, the lacking and the lustrous.

I write prose to figure out what I am thinking and I write poetry as a peace offering.

However you found your way to this place, I'm so glad you are here.


  1. A woman named Holly Graham contacted me about a machine that I make and I landed here when I searched her name to learn a little about her and her involvement with yoga.
    And what a delight!
    Your writing is exquisite and I can't wait to tell my wife of 32 years about you. Still, our clasp of hands generates that tingle felt first during furtive forays into excruciating, grade-school awkwardness, the terrifying vulnerability of my silent, first confession of feelings for another and the jubilation of simultaneous reciprocation . We are vibrantly in our 60's, yet the discussion of our inevitable separation arises. And we talk, try to plan for the unimaginable, find it unthinkable, and eventually transcend it all by retreating to gratitude for our salubrity, love, the richness of our companionship and life together.
    But the opening paragraphs of "How to Make a Life" just shook me. You have captured the essence of a life suddenly cut in half. And if it is me that emerges from the ashes, I'm doubtful that I'm strong enough to escape with just a limp.

    1. John,
      How serendipitous that you would land here in this teeny corner of the internet! I am grateful that you did, though, and for your generous words. It is my hope that you will visit again, dig around a bit, explore and, by all means, share this space with your wife. It sounds as if the two of you have a love that continues to bloom. May grace and peace surround you both as you continue to walk each other home. Thank you, again, for being here.

  2. Holly, I am a friend of Lauren's but can't figure out how to follow your blog, and I'd love to. Help?

  3. How fun! Thank you for wanting to stay connected. I will send you an email with instructions on how you can receive my posts via email. Again, thank you so much for reaching out.

  4. Holly - For you entry for the Take Your Poet to Work Day GIF contest, you get to receive a copy (ebook or print version) of my book Poetry at Work, published by TSPoetry Press. If you prefer the ebook version, I can simply email it. If you prefer the print version, I'll need a mailing address. Thanks for entering the contest!

    Glynn Young