Tuesday, October 9, 2007

So much for regularity

Well, I guess my "Back to School" zeal has worn off! I'm a bit tardy on the posts but not because of a lack of material, that's for sure. It just hasn't been in the cards for me to sit down and muse. Oh well, that's life, I suppose. We are still approaching any semblance of "formal learning" with a very relaxed attitude and that's working just fine. The boys do show a propensity for wasting away their lives in front of a screen, if given free reign, and that, exactly, is why they don't have free reign in that arena. As much as I want to be relaxed in our approach to the boys' education, I will step in and restrict "screen time." It would be much easier if we just didn't own a television but since that isn't the case, I've got to keep up my resolve. Thankfully, the boys don't put up too huge a fight when directed elsewhere. I'm also trying to figure out how the computer factors into all of this debate about screen time. The computer plays a completely different role in the lives of my children than it did in mine and I'm trying to reconcile that. Obviously, sitting on their tails and only playing games is different than researching a nature topic, but it's all a balancing act. And although I lean towards the better late than early philosophy with Aidan and reading, it will be nice when he can get engaged with books on a deeper level. I pray that his love of story will prove stronger than his love of Curious George (on PBS kids). I solicit your prayer support in that regard.

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