Monday, February 23, 2009

Reasons for Blogging

Well, I’ve certainly been living by my new blog motto, as of late (B.W.O.=Blogging Without Obligation). I used to have pretty high expectations regarding the number of posts I was striving for each week. My motivations for such were varied. Initially, I was driven to post often because I was living far away from my family and I wanted to help bridge the distance with regular updates about our day to day life. My parents ate that up and soon began asking me when I was going to post next. Spurred on by their die hard allegiance, I continued to post, feeling the joy that comes from connecting in new and innovative ways. Soon, I discovered the world of blogging as a whole, especially niche blogs, or those that targeted specific audiences (homeschooling, organic living, cooking, etc.) Because I became a regular follower of a couple of these blogs, I haughtily believed that others were doing the same for me. Nothing like a captive audience to inspire greatness, right? Well, whether I had a following or not, I quietly discovered that this blog was really for me, not “them”.

Putting thoughts down in a semi-formal way (no high fashion here!) helps solidify things that I’ve been mulling over in my head. My brain begins to get too saturated if I don’t periodically cull the thoughts and ideas steeping there. The fact that I am willing to do that in such a public way is a bit unusual for me, but somehow, it works. Although I am an internal thinker, slow to share what I’m developing for fear of the criticism or fault finding that might occur, there does seem to be some value to periodically putting myself “out there” for consideration, if you will. There must be something to the accountability that comes with the practice. Whatever is happening, whether on my end or yours, I find this blog to be very helpful to me in many ways, some of which I haven’t even discovered yet. I certainly think about posts I could make, all the time, in fact. But life and computer access and ________ (fill in the blank) don’t allow for all the posts, whether real or imagined. For now, I must be content with what I can do. Thanks for reading.

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