Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Civil War Day

The boys and I attended "Civil War Days" at the Capitol last week. It was a neat event sponsored by the Department of Natural Resources, The Missouri State Museum and various folks involved in Civil War reenactments. There were different stations that the boys could visit, with the first stop being--enlisting in the United States Army. The boys both signed their names on paper that looked like real parchment and that had the actual words from the enlistment papers that men signed in order to join the Army. They tried on Union and Confederate uniforms, took part in the shooting of a cannon replica, just in miniature, and participated in a scavenger hunt that had them searching for hardtack, fiddle players, ammunition and dressings for their wounds. It was a neat introduction to a subject that I am sure we will delve into deeper in the years to come.

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