Friday, September 14, 2012


Unscripted.  Unedited.  Real.
Writing for five minutes.
A sort of writing flash mob.

Five Minute Friday

I hear my voice rattling around in my head all tinny and sharp. Impudent. Insolent.
I feel caught in the cramped space between my get-it-together self and my what's-wrong-with-you self.
These voices, they deafen.

I just want to be present.
I want to be here.

But I have become so very scattered and pulled.  

A backlit screen has become my muse rather than the face on the couch bathed in morning sun.

The papers on the table, they fan and crumple and I am so very lost.

There is that epic trip next week, the one that will make memories I will hold onto from now into eternity but

It is the window that I need.
That flat liquid sand miracle.
I need to gaze through it, turn my face aright.
Let it be my lens.

Perhaps, then, everything will come into focus.


  1. You were like lightning with that prompt ...

    I love that image: A writing flash mob.

    I can relate to the "scattered and pulled," indeed.

  2. suzy - a soulful lifeSeptember 14, 2012 at 3:48 AM

    Such beautiful writing. So much to relate to ;)

  3. I'm sure we all can, Idelette. That is why we need each other so very much.

  4. This is fabulous. I love the language you use. The syntax and simple beauty. And I can relate to turning a face to the Light of life-giving focus. Nourishment.

    Thank you for writing. I'm so glad I stopped by. :)

  5. Oh Holly. wishing you peace on your journey. I hear your heart here. There is so much familiar in these words from your soul. Peace to you, friend.

  6. This resonated so much with me. Beautiful write my friend. All this grace in just 5 minutes, I'm amazed and thankful for your gift of words.

  7. You had me at the "cramped space between my get-it-together self and my what's-wrong-with-you self."
    Needed to connect with someone else who knows that squish.
    Thank you for opening a window for me, Holly.

  8. Leigh, I'm so glad that you stopped by, too! And I'm thankful that you can relate. I'm glad not to be so alone.

  9. You always hear my heart, Elizabeth! Always! Peace to you, too.

  10. Kris, thank you for your kind words. And the fact that it resonated with you is very comforting to me.

  11. Do you live in that same space, too, Kelli? No wonder it is so cramped! And now that we both know we're in here, amen to the opening of the window! Love that you came by here!