Friday, April 12, 2013

Adagio: Vernal Light

So much time passes, so much of life happens
but all along
our hearts have been gathering. 
Because we can't help but gaze and wonder, pause and reflect, garner and store ...
And then, in the appropriate passage of supernaturally appointed time, we come together, each of us with hearts and souls bursting.
And we craft poetry from the overflow of our lives.

Adagio: A Poetry Project is a collaboration between Elizabeth Marshall and myself. Born from our love of word dances and the lyrical that infuses the world, we came together to weave words. We continue to partner, to write poems, to spill pictures and to, hopefully spin beauty. 

For this installment, Elizabeth and I desired a photo prompt. We chose to use a beautiful photo from the work of Kelly Sauer, who uses her camera "to make art out of life." Kelly also blogs at La joie, La vie. All that she touches radiates beauty.

Vernal Light
Hope hangs her head, long and low
Prays for light to pierce the dark
buried in the blur of time, gathers
pearls, drops of faith cling
to ray on ray of radiant
Hope, bows to birth
love has found her way
Vernal light glimmers golden on
pearled edges
as days lengthen and clocks spin
and the wisps of honey covered
blow airy and light
billowing curtains and hearts
We cannot see frail and broken
made of bone and flesh
we  still hold to doubt and fear
but tender is the soul infused with hope
for it
holds new mercy rising on the orange blaze, promises
to take us with her
as she dreams
There are shadows, still
but brighter is that which
slants across her face
than that which seeks to rule the world
When there are only dark days
piled one upon the other
That is the promise of the
an emerging efforescence
that causes hands to lift
and eyes to shine
while their glint burns bright
upon the field
Look for signs of tender hope
when wrinkled lines curl gentle on the edge
of lip and eye, blue no more
the bird has made her
nest of
fragile eggs
laid in trust
hold gentle as you breathe out dread
and winter’s gloom is carried off
light breaks open
claiming hearts and souls again

Elizabeth and I are grateful, too, for Lisa Leonard at Lisa Leonard Designs whose jewelry is shown here on the model’s neckline.  The photograph used in Vernal Light was selected  from  a collaboration between Lisa Leonard and Kelly Sauer. Again, thank you Kelly for generously allowing us to partner with you. You can find more of Kelly’s work at Kelly Sauer.  And you can follow her blog and her art through words at Joie de Vivre.

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  1. How I love this, how your words dance and today, how hope breathes tender and dances gently in lyrics through the shadows. You are a beautiful word crafter, word weaver. I resonate with these rays of hope this morning. Thank you.