Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Noel {A Haiku}

Inspired today by the thoughts of Seth Haines over at Tweetspeak Poetry. The structure of certain poetry  forms can provide just the right space in which to share raw and ragged emotion. Here, I fall into the haiku and I am grateful for its conciseness. It hems me in--in just the right places.


When there is silence
my ears are tilted upwards
catching the holy

Into my empty
there falls a swelling presence
that keeps me breathing

For these days are stretched
across my breaking heart space
and I need comfort

But haven't I always?
every Noel finds me poor
in mind and spirit

This one only rips
closer to the quick, the root
from which life is born

The idea of God
as a child burns deep and wide
it is at once, mad

And beautiful, because
it is the heart of the young
from which springs glory

And in the inky
black sky a crop of new stars
sing Hallelujah

O come, o come, now
usher in sweet songs of joy
be born in me again.

i'm a poetry chick


  1. this is hauntingly beautiful wow friend, there is such depth to your work that I am privileged to go through it several times...with JOY. The soil of your work is rich and filled with soul nutrients... joyeux noel, joyeux noel.

  2. "The idea of God
    as a child burns deep and wide
    it is at once, mad And beautiful"

    gonna chew on this one. love mining its depths, Holly. joining you in that "poor in mind and spirit" place.
    may all things merry and bright be yours this Christmas.

  3. Thank you friend, as always. You are such a gift to me.

  4. Kelli,
    So glad to have you here and so thankful that I am not alone in my poor mind and spirit. Thank you.

  5. Yes, I too like the order and confines of haiku. It keeps me from flying apart as I create. Though yourself "hemmed" in, your words express that beautiful truth that comes to us every Noel. Well done.