Thursday, January 17, 2013

In which I am made complete

There are days when the very holding on is an enormous thing.

My calloused hands ache in the places once worn thin and I spin and flap and kick at the end of a rope that is slowly unraveling, one rugged strand at a time.
And to... just...let...go...
seems like the right and proper thing to do.

But then there is that matter of earth and gravity and suddenly
the issue is no longer about a frayed rope but a threadbare heart 
and what I really want is for the ground to rise up and meet my feet.
Because to stand with limbs shaking is so much better than to fall into numbing nothingness.

And I know this because you are my promontory, come to save.

And when my feet find the rock of you, I am upheld.


When your words animate my soul and embolden my heart ...

When my bones are strengthened by the comfort of your whisper ...

When you meet me in the sharp places and choose to place peace between us ...

When you call out the story that is woven into my heart and I feel a quickening down deep that says "this is what you ought to be" ...

When your presence burns Light into the corners corroded by darkness ...

It is then, in ways new and unwarranted, that love and peace reign.


 "Dear brothers and sisters, 
I close my letter with these last words: 
Be joyful. 
Grow to maturity. 
Encourage each other. 
Live in harmony and peace. 
Then the God of love and peace will be with you."
-2 Corinthians 13:11 NLT

Linking up with Emily for Imperfect Prose  on the prompt: Encourage.


  1. Holey goodness and Holy gracious dear Holly.... what you can do with a one word prompt...amazing. I had to read this several times, study it and absorb all the grains of good in the language and imagery. So so lovely. I love this.. "when you call out the story that is woven into my heart" He does that doesn't he gently pulls the thread and instead of unraveling we are pulled into the lovely that He desires for us. Beautiful friend.

  2. And here's the thing: Yes, HE does do that, but so do you when we write together. And so does my husband when he reminds me that I am cherished. And so it goes, on and on. This just crashes over me in this ocean of grace.

  3. each time I read your writing...i want to savour. I read it out loud to myself, i linger on the words...and its almost as if you are speaking to me. my heart yearns for what you speak of : "you meet me in the sharp places and choose to place peace between us" AMEN

  4. You are so kind, friend. I am so thankful for you, here, always.

  5. "When you meet me in the sharp places and choose to place peace between us ..." Yes. That just sums it all up so well for me. Your words continue to bless and impress a wholly wonderful way. I just feel something about your writing voice that resonates with me...thanks, Holly.

  6. PS- I had to look up the word promontory. Yup. Thank God for the online dictionary, my friend! And thank you for introducing me to a new word today. I LOVE that!

  7. I see Christ expressed through your husband in your words which are holy and beautiful. You have a gift Holly.

  8. Soooo very lovely, Holly. Just wonderful. Thank you.

  9. Oh Dawn,
    I am so grateful that words you have read here have touched and resonated with you. To hear that, friend, is such a gift. And that line which you highlighted? That one I meant the most, I believe. That such an action is one of the truest examples of encouragement. One I need to learn, again and again. Thank you for being in this space.

  10. I'm a sucker for words, Dawn. You will learn that about me if you stick around here long. When I used to teach high school, my students used to get so frustrated when I used "big" words. Considering it was English class, I think I was just doing my job!

  11. Shelly,
    Your words bring with them such blessing. Thank you. I am so very grateful for your presence in this space. You never fail to encourage, to comfort, to bring life. Thank you.

  12. Thank you for your kind words.

  13. so much. Can you print out all your words in book form so I can keep them with my Shaw and L'Engle. Please?!