Wednesday, August 22, 2012

{This Sacred Everyday} Guest Post

When the inky night leaks away and the morning glories start their swelling, a familiar humming billows up and I stir.  This melody of sorts, it was being knit together, all the long night.  Like a fairy orchestra, wispy with night dew and moonbeams, it has danced in and around our sleepy heads.  The pink and coral sunrise becomes its crescendo and I wake.

I move amongst the early light, quietly padding across the tile, furtively pouring my coffee, plopping myself in front of a glowing screen.  I have stolen these hours from myself, the ones that once offered the deepest sleep and the most creative dreams, in order to hone a craft.  I come to this space hoping to quell the voices that spin doubt and distrust throughout my head and my heart and my life.  Every morning I pray that the opening of my everything  will bleed truth upon the page and I will find clarity and redemption once again.

That is the plan, at least.

Want to read more?  Then join me as I guest post over at Micha Boyett's blog: Mama Monk.


  1. Gorgeous writing. So glad I found your space from Micha's blog. I had a similar morning (really a string of similar mornings) and have been struggling to turn my cumbersome boat around for a better perspective. Thanks.

  2. So glad you found your way here, too. You are welcome anytime.